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Three chapters in:

'The Cambridge Companion to the Organ' (Edited by Nicholas Thisthlethwaite and Geoffrey Webber)

247 x 174 mm 354pp 31 half-tones 8 tables 8 figures 70 music examples
ISBN: 0 521 57309 2 (hardback) 37.50 pounds sterling
ISBN: 0 521 57584 2 (paperback) 13.95 pounds sterling

From the publisher:
'This Companion is an essential guide to the organ and its music. It examines in turn the instrument, the player and the repertoire. The early chapters tell of the instrument's history and construction, identify the scientific basis of its sounds and the development of pitch and tuning, examine the history of the organ case, and consider the current trends and conflicts within the world of organ building. Central chapters investigate the practical art of learning and playing the organ, introduce the complex area of performance practice, and outline the connection between organ playing and the liturgy of the church. The final section explores the vast repertoire of organ music in relation to the instruments for which it was written, focusing on a selection of the most important traditions. The essays, all newly commissioned, are written by experts in their field, making this the most authoritative reference book currently available.'

From reviews:
' ... this Companion implements in every respect the claims its publishers make for it as Âan essential guide to all aspects of the organ and its musicº. Perhaps unusually for so valuable a book of reference, much of it also makes engrossing reading.'
Church Times
' ... never less than readable, and sometimes positively compelling ... an extremely valuable book that should be on every musicianºs bookshelf.'
The Musical Times

Cambridge University Press

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'The Revised New Grove Dictionary of Music' (in production)